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Doug drinks more coffee than should be humanly possible and carries a black "man bag" ... so you know he's artistic. 


He combined his Fine Arts degree with a computer science major to create a dynamic duel of electronic wizardry ... a tasty design sandwich.


He has plenty of experience — starting in graphic design when art directors used waxers on paste-up boards and not their eyebrows.


His multiple design awards are proudly displayed in a locked, grey, steel file cabinet somewhere.


His freelance experience includes everything from designing websites to book jackets to video editing.


Doug is a man of dedication. He once built a full-scale robot for a photo-shoot. And to be his friend.


He is a man of thrift. He can work with the tightest of budgets.


Specialties: Smelling like a man and making pixels shine like the jewels of the Nile.

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